Murder of Iranian scientist leaves only questions

Video courtesy of Al Jazeera

The murder of a physics professor at Tehran University has left world leaders counting Iran’s enemies. It has also left many investigating the loyalties such a little-known scientist might have held. The story, according to Iranian state media, is that Prof. Massoud Ali Mohammadi was a supporter of the regime working on the country’s nuclear program. Fars News Agency, a semi-official news bureau, shifted from blaming the governments of Israel and United States, to fingering the Iran Kingdom Association, a UK based organization of ex-patriots loyal to the Shaw. The U.S. has denied involvement incident.

But there is another versions of this story. Some say that Mohammadi was a supporter of the opposition Green Movement in Iran, and that he had little to no connection with Iran’s nuclear program.  He, along with over 400 other professors at TU, signed a petition supporting opposition leader Mir-Hossein Moussavi in June. This has lead Iranian bloggers to suggest that the bomb placed outside his home may have been a message from the government — it speaks loud and clear.


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