GOP releases its own health care plan

Boehner challenges Pelosi on health care in this State of the Union segment, talks up the new Republican plan

The GOP has finally released a health care plan to contribute to the current debate in Congress. As Senate Minority Leader John Boehner said on CNN’s State of the Union this weekend, the plan does not pretend to match the coverage offered by the Democrat’s health care bill, nor, most importantly, does it protect those with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage. According to Boehner, the ultimate goal of his party’s plan is to improve the current system “step by step.”

Staying true to a message of financial conservatism, the Republican plan also does not add to the deficit or raise taxes. It also throws a few bones to doctors, promising “not to interfere with the doctor-patient relationship” and puts a new 3-year statute of limitations and $250,000 cap on malpractice suits.

Republicans also stayed true to social conservatism, as the legislation does not allow federal money to be used for plans that include abortion. Other measures include increasing the age that young people can stay on their parents’ plan to the age of 25, allowing individuals to buy health care across state lines, and creating a plan-finding website. More measures here.


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