Palestinian Peace, Still Unclear

mahmoudabbascleaningglassesMore set-backs in the Egyptian brokered peace deal between Hamas and Fatah. Yesterday, Hamas warned that anyone who participated in elections, to be held in January at Fatah’s suggestion, would be held “accountable”. Hamas considers the suggestion of such elections a direct assault on its status as the democratically elected government of the Gaza strip. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President and leader of the Fatah party, is considering stepping down over the lack of progress in the peace process.  His cooperation with the United States in trying to stifle the UN Goldstone Report, which accused Israel of human rights abuses in Palestine, combined with continued Israeli settlement building, has made him unpopular with his own people. Abbas says that he cannot work with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu either. Experts say, however, that he may just be posturing as his exit from Palestinian politics would leave a sizable power vacuum.


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