Those who know


What are the Waziristan goals? The Pakistan Army claims 42 Taliban militants were killed in Waziristan today. But does it have enough troops to take on the Taliban's Uzbek strongholds? (Article at CSMonitor, PPI/NEWSCOM photo of Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani visiting troops in South Waziristan on Sunday.)

Goldman Sachs defends its winning practices in a report submitted to the SEC claiming that off-public (“dark pools”) and computer-driven trades have reduced consumer costs, increased competition and brought more liquidity to markets. It specifically combated the claim that dark pools — which now account for 9.4% of daily trades — create a two-tiered market of traders and investors, those in the know and those out of it. (Bloomberg)

Hamid Karzai’s Afghan Presidential opponent Abdullah Abdullah has called for Karzai to fire the Afghan election chief, Azilullah Lodin. Karzai is not into it. (BBC)

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa is in London urging European leaders to pay his country to not drill in their swaths of the Amazon rainforest. (Al Jazeera)

Obama pushes for imminent, tougher “too big to fail” bank legislation that would allow the  government to seize control, force shareholders to bear losses, remove management, and restructure debts at non-bank financial firms whose failure could threaten the banking system and economy. (Reuters)

Newspaper circulation drops 10.6%, and only the Wall Street Journal seems healthy. (Crain’s)

“If [Mugabe and his ZANU-PF] are facing west we are facing east,” said Nelson Chamisa, a spokesperson for Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change party, after 3-hour talks with Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party collapsed yesterday. (France24)

Fidel Castro’s sister admits to spying for the U.S. after her brother “betrayed” her and the revolution. (Guardian)

A recent report from Amnesty International charges Israel with restricting water to Palestinians. The Israeli government countered this claim by saying that they exceed requirements made in a 1993 Oslo agreement while the Palestinians have not been recycling or distributing water efficiently. (Haaretz)

Feds have arrested almost 700 people — including 60 suspected pimps — and rescued 52 children over the last three days in a crackdown on child prostitution. The youngest victim was 10. (LAT)



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