Conn. GOPs guilty of Twitter identity theft


In the end, the thief may be the victim... of a 24-hour-news-watching, laughing & pointing audience.

It’s safe to say that most rules regarding internet ethics have yet to be written. Perhaps that is why Connecticut Republicans decided it would be a good idea to set up 33 Twitter accounts in the names of their Democratic opponents in order to impersonate and mock Democratic state policies. Twitter, unsurprisingly, considered the move a violation of their anti-impersonation policy.

“That’s unfortunate,” was state Republican Chairman Chris Healy’s response when told of Twitter, Inc.’s decision. “I’m not quite sure what the issue is, other than that the Democrats were successful in stopping free speech.”

The Twitter accounts have been offed, but 33 fake websites corresponding to the Twitter accounts remain (See CT House Speaker Chris Donovan’s site here, all other sites follow the same format). Healy has no intention of shutting them down and considers this whole ruse brilliant, enviable “satire” objectionable only to  “a bunch of college professors from liberal colleges”.

Though, as more of Americans’ everyday livelihoods, professional and personal, are moved to the internet, such shenanigans will probably seem less comical.


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