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Too many international threats! Officials say latest data puts economy on target to top 8 per cent growth for the year. (Al Jazeera photo)

Too many international threats! Chinese officials say the latest data puts the country's economy on target to top 8 per cent growth for the year. (Al Jazeera photo)

In a three-year-old drug-war probe, Feds have now arrested some 1,200 people in the U.S. allegedly connected to one of Mexico’s most aggressively expanding and deadly drug trafficking cartels, La Familia Michoacana, with 300 arrests occurring just today. (LAT)

China and India have signed a deal to cooperate on developing technology to combat global warming domestically, and also to work together to combat it internationally in Copenhagen. (BBC)

Muslim insurgents hit Mogadishu with heavy shelling on Thursday that killed at least 20 civilians, as Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was leaving for Uganda to an A.U. summit on refugees and internally displaced people. (France24)

The surge in violence comes as al Shabaab insurgents, allegedly backed by al Qaeda, entered an alliance with the more political Hezb al-Islam to launch a joint countrywide military offensive in May to topple Sharif.

Al Shabaab control a large part of Somalia, leaving President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed’s UN-backed government with authority confined to parts of Mogadishu.

Last week’s U.S. jobless claims numbers rose to higher than expected levels, indicating that the employment market has yet to bottom. (Bloomberg)

After Bank of America stocks fell by ten cents yesterday, it announced that it would sell First Republic Bank, a private bank it inherited from Merrill Lynch, to a group of investors. The details of the sale have not been disclosed but we know that First Republic will go for over $1 billion. (Crain’s)

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is stressin’ on Japan‘s possible new foreign policy direction, which shoos the existing, widespread U.S. military presence in the country, and seeks to realign terms of the ties between America and its strongest Asian alliance. (WaPo )

A senior State Department official said the United States had “grown comfortable” thinking about Japan as a constant in U.S. relations in Asia. It no longer is, he said, adding that “the hardest thing right now is not China, it’s Japan.”

U.S. Senate approves a plan for Guantanamo inmates to be tried on U.S. soil. (Al Jazeera)

Obama plans to extend TARP funds to small businesses, switching gears from hefty lending to The States’ troubled big banks. (PBS)



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