Fuck Buttons live at the Unsound Festival in Krakow, October 25th 2008

Poland’s largest electronic music festival, the Unsound Festival held in Krakow, will make its New York debut in February. The focus of the festival will be to introduce artists from the former Soviet bloc to the West. It will also sponsor lectures, screenings and other more intellectual events at the Goethe Institute. Feb. 4 – 14. More info here.

Today we learned that Bernie Madoff and his employees loved thug life.

The hedge fund titan had two of his employees on the payroll so that they could procure the cocaine that fueled the office party in what was known as “The North Pole.” Oh, there were strippers, too [duh]. But is anyone surprised here? In 1987, fifteen Wall Street employees, including brokers and a senior partner, were arrested and charged with selling cocaine and trading the drug for stocks, information and lists of preferred customers. In 2007, Investment Dealer Digest’s Tom Granahan reported that the party had not stopped.

They have the disposable income. They have lives which are often responding to the next crisis. They have access to drugs, drug-using friends, and associates, and they feel that drugs are part of the spectrum of entitlement,” Dr. Mark Gold, acting chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine, told Mr. Granahan. “Wharton may have prepared them for [Wall Street], but they are not prepared by evolution or experience for cocaine, heroin or other potent drugs of abuse. (NYT)

In other words, it’s thug life, so just deal with it.

Bernard Madoff leaves Federal Court in lower Manhattan after appearing before a judge as prosecutors say he violated conditions of his bail.  (Bryan Smith for NYDN)

Like, extra bad.


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