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The sun sets over a mosque in Islamabad. (Nicholas Asfouri, AFP/Getty Images)

The sun sets over a mosque in Islamabad. (Nicholas Asfouri, AFP/Getty Images)

Iranian negotiators on Wednesday agreed to consider a draft deal that — if accepted by the Tehran leadership — would delay its ability to make nuclear weapons by sending most of the material it would need to Russia for processing. (AP) Still, such checks & balances may not effectively clarify whether the fuels will be used to aid civilians, or to aid the military. (Bloomberg)

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has plans to fire the 200 top poll officials who aided in Afghanistan’s presidential election fraud. (BBC)

Economists argue that China’s growth may be built on instability. They cite the governments favoritism of large, state owned firms and the difficulty for small businesses to get access to start-up cash. Also, China’s surplus of exports may cause problems in a trade-sensitive world of the recession. (LAT)

Silvio Berlusconi is at it again. Italian women furious at the Italian PM have generated a petition with over 100,000 signatures for his comment about a female fellow politician. He said she was “more beautiful than intelligent.” (BBC)

I’d rather be snow-sledding. Pakistan closes all schools after yesterday’s suicide bombings. (Bloomberg)

Morgan Stanley turns a profit for the first time this year in the 3rd quarter. (Crain’s)

The House Democrat’s health care bill including a public option is said to reduce the originally expected 10-year projected deficit. (WaPo)

But, the Senate’s public option may not make it off the chopping block. (Reuters)


The inclusion of the strongest possible government-run public insurance option in the House bill could force a confrontation with the Senate, where the public option has less support and is less certain to be included in a final bill.

After various talks with developed nations already this year, the Chinese warn that December’s Copenhagen climate change summit may fail to rekindle the Kyoto Protocol. (WSJ)

In response to the U.N.’s endorsement of the Goldstone Report, Israeli PM Beyamin Netanyahu has formed a committee to deal with its legal implications. He also announced plans to launch a “world wide campaign” to change international laws of war. (Al Jazeera)

Egypt’s prestigious al-Azhar University, founded in 1998, has banned the niqab (veil that covers the entire face). The school dean, and Egypt’s highest Sunni authority, Sheik Mohammed Tantawi, reasoned that “wearing the niqab is a custom, not part of religion.” More radical groups, however, like the Muslim Brotherhood, released a statement saying that the new rule was a”a concession to please the West after 9/11.” (France24)



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