Pick a winner

German team wins the Solar Decathlon. (Department of Energy photo)

German team wins the Solar Decathlon. (Department of Energy photo)

Billionaire Raj Rajaratnam was arrested Friday at his Manhattan home, charged with using inside information to trade shares, including blue chips like Google Inc. He is also suspected of having ties with the Tamil Tigers of Elam, a separatist group from his native Sri Lanka. (Bloomberg)

Sudanese-born billionaire Mo Ibrahim’s African Leadership prize goes to no one this year. The annual prize rewards a democratically elected, former sub-Saharan African leader who has left office in the last three years with $5 million for good governance. Oops. (AFP)

Karzai update: Preliminary re-count results led by a U.N.-backed investigation show that Afghanistan’s incumbent president did not win over half of the votes, and therefore not enough for outright victory. (BBC)

The British government denies allegations that ‘Prevent’ — its counter-terrorist program that spies on Muslim communities — is used to spy on Muslim communities. (Al Jazeera)

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief vows to take revenge against Britain and the United States, whom the Guards claim backed the suicide bombers that killed six commanders. The West is helping train such insurgents in Iran, the Guards said. Bad timing for nuke talks. (Times Online)

“Behind this scene are the American and British intelligence apparatus and there will have to be retaliatory measures to punish them,” Mr Jafari said, according to the ISNA news agency.

One of Berlusconi’s news channels secretly followed and taped a judge that had ruled against him in a bribery case. Double oops. (BBC)

The African Union gave Moussa Dadis Camarra, a military junta leader who violently took power in Guinea last December, until this Saturday to commit to staying out of his country’s 2010 elections. (France 24)

The U.S. federal government will no longer go after medical marijuana smokers following laws in their states. (AP, Newser hosted)



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