We wish we could do that, Meghan McCain…

Not long ago my friends and I decided to start a blog and brainstormed about the website’s content, design, and how we could get others like you to read it. It has not been easy and is far from over, we’re not famous and we know we have a lot to learn, but we feel passionate about what we’re doing and grateful for the opportunity to do it. Thank you for reading.

So, yesterday Meghan McCain posted a picture of herself on Twitter.

Meghan McCain's playful, funny little twitpic

Meghan McCain's playful, funny little twitpic

We won’t lie, she has the readership we crave and money to work with to boot. So why does she need to shamelessly fabricate controversy to drive people to her Twitter Page and her Daily Beast columns?


Regret, loathing.

Fun, situation-assessment, regret, defense


F* the haters

F* the haters

Perhaps you could argue that she simply didn’t notice that her boobs were falling out of her shirt. Perhaps you could also argue that we are mature internet users who should be able to see past the boobs to her political message. Those are both stupid arguments. Humans stare at each others bodies on the street, on TV and, of course, on the internet, and when we do so it’s hard to think of little else. Everyone knows “sex sells,” those who wish to sell it do and those who do not stay away from it. So why would Meghan, who has many times asked people to “stop the fat jokes” and ignore the physical, put this picture online? What is the message?

The message is LOOK AT ME, but without the substance. People can post whatever they want on the internet, but once they do they are subject to social norms and conceptions. Normally, when people see boobs as pictured above they think, “trampy.” If I saw that picture without knowing who it was or what it was about I would think, “I bet her phone number is written on a bar’s bathroom wall somewhere,” and not “let’s rebuild the Republican Party, guys.” I was under the impression that Meghan was interested in the latter. I’m sure people will be reading her column tomorrow though, and I’m sure people are reading her Twitter page. Oh the boob intrigue!!! Warhol would be proud.

We wish we could do that.

Wait, every woman in America can do that.

Wait again, most every woman in America simply wouldn’t do that.



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