Transition States


From Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's "Transition States," on view at Haunch of Venison gallery, New York City, through Oct. 24.

Israel accuses Shia Islamist group Hezbollah, and Lebanon, of violating the U.N. resolution that ended its 2006 war with the country, in allowing militants to hide weapons around Lebanon. This, after an explosion caught on camera by an Israeli drone. (BBC)

Ramadan is over, and is school is in. Though many of Iraq‘s classrooms lack electricity and running water, they’ll be seeing a new history book this year reflecting the enormous changes the country has endured over the last decade, and will include historical events that were once forbidden topics. To start? The hundreds of flattering refs to Saddam Hussein, which have now been taken out of Iraq’s official history. (NPR)

Turkey will hold defense exercises with Syria, and not Israel as planned. The U.S. says this late cancellation is “inappropriate” while Turkey maintains that the change serves to not hurt its long term relationship with Israel. (Haaretz)

Media giant Bloomberg LP acquires BusinessWeek. (Crain’s)

A sole Republican vote from Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) helped  Senate Finance Committee centrist Democrats approve the Obama administration’s 10-year, $829 billion health care reform package. It’s the first time a Republican backed any Democrat-led health care bills in circulation. (WSJ)

U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced plans to send 500 more troops to Afghanistan — on the condition that more Afghan soldiers aid the effort, and that other NATO allies the U.S. ups its presence as well. (BBC)

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting that, though top commander in Afghanistan Gen. McChrystal is asking the White House for up to 80,000 more troops in the troubled country, top-secret briefings to officials show Stanley warning that Afghanistan’s rampant government corruption alone may prevent victory against the Taliban and al-Qaida. (AP)

Nicolas Sarkozy may have to take a step back. He appointed his 23 year-old undergraduate son to head Paris’ largest business district, and voices from France as well as the international community have cried “nepotism!” Others are crying, “hot.” (France24)

NASA‘s moon bombing ends up kind of boring. (NatGeo)



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