Fatah accepts Egypt’s Palestinian unity proposal. Hamas, though, is still weighing its options. (Reuters)

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two gay rights bills into law. One bill requires California to legally recognize same sex marriages from other states. The other honors slain civil rights activist Harvey Milk. (Sacramento Bee)

Experts say Al Quaeda is suffering from a lack of funding while the Taliban is doing quite well. (BBC)

Clinton puts the cards on the table and asks Russia what kinds of sanctions it will back if/when Iran does not live up to its nuclear program obligations. (Bloomberg)

Well, Russia resists — and then calls U.S.’s call for sanctions and negotiations threats toward Iran “counterproductive.” (NYT)

Bank of America says “Uncle” and will release documents regarding its purchase of Merrill Lynch to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and the SEC. (Times Online)

The Romanian center-right government officially falls after the country’s parliament voted to oust PM Emil Bloc and his Liberal-Democrats. The news, not completely unexpected, comes a couple weeks after Social Dems quit the ruling coalition, causing its collapse.

After the vote, Boc responded that it was “an honour for a government to fall for pitching reforms aimed at suppressing privileges.”

Welp, presidential elections are in a month and incumbent Traian Basescu will have to name a new PM real soon. (AFP)

Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai acknowledged that “there must’ve” been fraud in August’s still-unresolved elections. Still, it is a “victory” for the people, he told ABC’s Good Morning America. (AP)



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