Not one, but two Iranian nuke scientists missing?


Earlier today, we noted coverage from Al Jazeera and the NY Daily News of accusations of interference the Iranian government has made against the U.S. in the disappearance of  “pilgrim” and nuclear scientist Sharahm Amiri during a visit to Mecca. The U.S. said it has no information on Sharahm, and Saudi Arabia has made no comment. Theories that Amiri defected to the other side are gaining ground. It wouldn’t be the first time a key player has jumped the Iranian ship. In 2007 Ali Reza Asgari, a general in Iran’s revolutionary guard known as the father of Hezbollah, went missing after a trip to Turkey. One month after his disappearance U.S. officials reported that he was in their care and cooperating marvelously.

Yet, Israeli paper Haaretz says Amiri is not the only missing scientist. They are reporting that another scientist, known only by his surname, Ardebili, has gone missing from Georgia. Why he was in the Caucuses is unclear, but the Iranian government claims that Ardebili is a businessman and nothing more, just as they recognize Amiri as a citizen and nothing more. Not that there is anything new about disappearing scientists or Israeli’s knowing about it. In February of this year, The UK’s Telegraph published an article about Israel’s “decapitation” strategy. Partnered with the United States, the Mossad (Israeli intelligence) planned to take out key individuals in the Iranian nuclear program in an effort to delay it as much as possible. That is why, in 2007, intelligence sources reported that Israel had killed Iranian nuclear physicist, Ardeshire Hassanpour. Iran announced his death by “gas poisoning” at a conference about nuclear safety.

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