Berlusconi loses immunity battle, gets put on blast

The Italian Supreme court has just ruled that the “Alfano law” — legislation passed last year to shield the countries top four politicians from prosecution while in office — is unconstitutional. This leaves Prime Minister and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi vulnerable to pending legal action against him for bribing his tax attorney (who was convicted in Feb. of giving false evidence during trials in the 90s) and overcharging for broadcasting rights on his television network, Mediaset.

This summer Berlusconi was accused of having a sexual relationship with an 18 year-old actress. The incident opened a Pandora’s Box that released wild party photos from his residence, causing major criticism of his actions from his wife and virtually any media outlet that Berlusconi himself did not control. Until now, attempts at opposition from the media have been quelled handily. In July Italian bloggers went on strike to protest the Alfano law which also required them to “rectify” any posts considered defamation against the government within 48 hours. On Saturday, 300,000 Italians hit the streets to protest two lawsuits Berlusconi brought against newspapers that wrote about his extramarital affairs.

In an interview exactly a month ago, his confidence was at an all-time high:

The majority of Italians in their hearts would like to be like me and see themselves in me and in how I behave,” Berlusconi said during a phone interview on a TV channel he owns. “They also know that Silvio Berlusconi doesn’t steal and doesn’t use his power to his own advantage.

Why the fall from grace? Berlusconi has made a ton of enemies and, in classic Italian style, the most dangerous one may be the Catholic Church. Last month the country’s most widely circulated weekly news magazine, Famiglia Cristiana, published an editorial accusing Berlusconi of living as royalty while Italians suffered, and of degrading the moral character of the country. The article was written by the magazine’s editor Father Antonio Sciortino. Also incredibly damaging for Berlusconi is his deteriorating relationship with Gioanfranco Fini, his coalition partner. On September 7, a Berlusconi newspaper, Il Giornale, humiliated Fini by calling his manhood and his conservatism into question. Fini has fought back by thwarting the Berlusconi-controlled media’s attempts to deny the problem. “The political problems are there and it’s paradoxical for Berlusconi to deny it,” he said.

IF you still doubt that Berlusconi deserves what’s probably coming to him, do watch this vid of the PM humping a female traffic cop. Thanks, internet.


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