Pope Benedict warns Africans of "new colonialism" on Tuesday

Pope Benedict warns Africans of "new colonialism" on Tuesday

Pope Benedict warns African bishops of “new colonialism” from the West during the opening of his 3-week meeting with the continent’s clergy. Benny names Africa’s oil “treasures” the “spiritual lung” of the earth, warns that the developed world continues to export dangerous “toxic spiritual rubbish,” irony goes unnoticed, and whatnot. (BBC)

President Obama considers a mix of spending and tax cuts to stem job losses that would amount to a second stimulus — but without carrying such a name. (Bloomberg)

It was the Taliban: the Sunni Islamist group said it carried out Monday’s suicide-bomb attack on the heavily fortified office of the U.N.’s World Food Programme in Islamabad. (AFP)

Palestine delays its vote on the Goldstone Report, the U.N. fact-finding mission which concluded that Israeli forces committed serious war crimes and breaches of humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip from Dec. 2008 to Jan. 2009. Many are urging President Mahmoud Abbas to step down for permitting what they deem a major setback. (Al Jazeera)

A BBC timeline of the Nuclear North

A BBC timeline of the Nuclear North

After it’s meeting with China, North Korea might be open to six-nation talks — with the two Koreas, China, the US, Russia and Japan, that is — on its nuclear program, but only if it sees progress in bilateral talks with the U.S. Meanwhile, the South Korea press reports that its secretive neighbor is “close to completing” the restoration of its main nuclear facilities in Yongbyon. (NYT)

Way. Rival Hamas and Fatah factions to sign a reconciliation agreement later this month in Egypt. The deal was brokered by Abul Gheit, Egypt’s foreign minister, and Omar Suleiman, the country’s intelligence chief. (Al Jazeera)

New federal guidelines will force product-reviewing bloggers to divulge the  “financial benefits” — payments, gifts, vacations — associated with such plugs, under new advertising regs in effect Dec. 1. (LAT)

Egypt’s highest Muslim authority says will ban the growing trend of the women’s niqab veil, deeming that the full-face veiling has nothing to do with the Islamic faith. (BBC)

House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank (D-MA) announces he will introduce legislation that will dedicate the $2 billion collected in TARP funds to jobless homeowners poised to default on their mortgages. He has also said that his committee will consider how to create more jobs in January after discussions on financial regulation. (Bloomberg)

The thing to do now would be to withdraw the tens of billions we’re putting into Iraq and reprogram that into job creation efforts in the U.S.

Bloomberg News looks like the front runner in the bidding to buy McGraw Hill’s Business Week. The acquisition would be a major boon to Bloomberg, as it set to expand consumer and media services last year. (Crain’s)



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