The Civility War: Palestine & Palestine

Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal talks about Fatah-Hamas reconciliation during a press conference in Cairo on Monday. (Zhang Ning/Newscom photo.)

Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal talks about Fatah-Hamas reconciliation during a press conference in Cairo on Monday. (Zhang Ning/Newscom photo.)

Now that the two Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, have brokered a peace deal, the world can reasonably expect movement on the Israel-Palestine issue. The agreement itself is a major show of civility on the Palestinians’ part, civility that has time and again proven to win the hearts and minds of world leaders. But, Israel must face an incredibly damning U.N. report on its actions during the country’s last conflict with Hamas — a report that Fatah has yet to comment on.

After brutally fighting each other in 2007, when the Bush administration clumsily tried to use Fatah strongman Muhammed Dalan to incite a Palestinian civil war, what has changed to make peace possible between Hamas and its bigger, better financed rival? Fatah elections brought in fresh faces in August, but while the West heralded it as victory for a younger generation, many considered the new group unremarkable and unable to make any strides toward peace.

Then war happened. Not just between Hamas and Israel, but also between Hamas and a more radical faction in the Gaza strip called Jund Ansar Allah, a Salafi-Jihadi group opposed by Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. On August 14th 2009 JAA’s leader, Abdel Latif Moussa swore allegiance to Osama bin Ladin, condemned Hamas for its lack of piety, and declared an Islamic emirate (state) during a sermon. Hamas attacked, leaving 13 dead and 85 wounded. The JAA is one of a handful of groups in Gaza that Hamas finds unsavory.

Perhaps Hamas is joining forces with Fatah in an effort to combat even more radical Palestinian factions. Perhaps Fatah’s new leadership is more amenable to peace than its critics have given it credit for. Most wisely, perhaps both sides recognize that in a war for world support unity goes a long way against its ultimate enemy, Israel.

the Who: Fatah & Hamas.


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