Chicago out of the running for 2016 Olympics. Honestly though, wouldn’t you rather go to Rio? [Guardian]

Rio wins bid, Tweeters freak.

Hizzoner Michael Bloomberg tells those with crackberry addictions to “get a life.” (video) [NY Daily News]

Talks between Iran and European officials went well yesterday. Saeed Jalili, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, stated that Iran will never give up “absolute rights” to proceed with its atomic program, but that it would allow inspectors into Qom, their second nuclear site, in the next two weeks. [AlJazeera ENG]

GE and Comcast are discussing splitting NBC Universal. GE owns 80% of NBCU but would cede a controlling interest of 51% to Comcast in the merger. The motivation here? Besides the fact that NBCU is fourth among major TV networks, GE also wants to raise capital to expand into emerging markets. [Reuters]

Today Irish voters will go to polls to decide on the Lisbon Treaty, which would streamline and strengthen the European Union. Irish voters have rejected the Treaty once before and remain the only EU holdouts along with the Czech Republic and Poland. [France24]

The U.S. Unemployment rate jumped to 9.8% in September, the highest its been in 26 years.  [NPR]

The NY Post reports that former Merrill Lynch head John Thain feels vindicated by Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis’ resignation. Thain helped to orchestrate the sale of ML to BofA but has since been taken off center stage.  [NY Post]

Gregor Robertson, the Mayor of Vancouver, is negotiating with California Governor Arnold Schwazenegger to create “low-carbon economic development zones” to create a market for green energy technology.  [Vancouver Sun]

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