According to a new report from the EU, while Georgia triggered conflict with Russia one year ago, it was Russia that broke international law by invading Georgia, and subsequently declaring war. (WSJ)

Monday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit told Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat in no uncertain terms that Iran’s nuclear plan was a danger for the Middle East. (Iran Focus)

Top American U.N. official is removed from his position in Kabul, this after he publicly campaigned against Afghanistan presidential election fraud.  (Reuters)

Now that the Senate Finance Committee has voted down two key Democratic public-option amendments to the health care bill, the fate of such reform lies in Obama’s hands. (Politico)

After years of increased government control, deep economic strife is causing Russia PM Vladimir Putin to push for privatization at the country’s big businesses. (WSJ)

The New York Times is still weighing pay-model options. The paper thinks it could make everyone happier if it could just figure out how to make money out of that new-fangled internet, but at this point they lack a clear proposal from any party. (New York Observer)

SAMOA BEARS BRUNT: Earthquake in the South Pacific triggers a deadly tsunami that rips through Samoa killing over 100 people.

The Age | Al-Jazeera | CS Monitor | Economist | NYT | Reuters | WSJ


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