How Does One Hunt a RINO?

RINO Hunts: the Cap-and-Tax 8

RINO Hunts: the Cap-and-Tax 8

In the past couple months Conservatives have introduced us to a hip new concept: the “RINO.” That is, Republicans in Name Only.”

Obviously this term is being used to call out party posers, but aren’t RINO hunters afraid that without this majestic creature their entire party might make the endangered species list?

Conservative talking-head and 80’s Rock ‘n Roll hack Ted Nugent posted on,

We must not make the mistake of keeping the GOP tent so big that there’s room for RINOs. They are in the business of producing conservative defeats. Instead, join me in the new Conservative Revolution. Let’s go out and win another one for the Gipper.

No, they’re not worried. Especially not in the great state of South Carolina, where Congressman Bob Ingliss (R-SC) is being targeted by Conservative-leaning big game hunters at every turn. Despite his “A” grade rating from the Natinal Rifle Association and his staunch opposition to the Clinton’s in the 90s, Ingliss faces major opposition from primary challengers that claim he is not conservative enough. This is because Ingliss voted in favor of censuring Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) for his “you lie” outburst during President Obama’s September 9 address to Congress.

RINO hunters want to “purify” the party by removing centrist politicians, but how exactly do they go about doing this? Purchasing a T-Shirt, perhaps?  Leaving the RINOS nasty messages that their staffers will surely delete?

There will certainly be more to come on this, so keep your rifles loaded.

Meantime: check Human Event’s list of top ten congressional RINOS.


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