Iran — international migraine?

Iran's nuclear sites

Iran's nuclear sites

 Testing missles capable of striking Israel, U.S. military bases in the Middle East and parts of Europe, right after the G-20 and just ahead of nuclear talks with world powers? BBC analysis:

The big fear is that ultimately Iran will have a fully-fledged inter-continental ballistic missile.

These missiles already cover pretty much the whole of the Middle East and a good chunk of Turkey as well, and maybe the fringes of Europe.

I think Iran would say with some justice its missile programme is the strongest deterrent it has got.

It probably cannot prevent Western jets getting through and Western missiles getting through. But it could – and I think Israel knows for example – that if it did strike Iran, it would have to take into account the possibility of really substantial casualties if Iran did unleash its long-range missile pack.

View the full story & video here.


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