The British Royal Navy and U.S. Coastguard bust up an international cocaine shipment off the Colombian shore — $380 million, the largest seize “by value, and by volume.” (BBC)

Director and ex-Pat Roman Polanski has been arrested in Switzerland. He was heading to the Zurich Film Festival to receive an award. If his appeals are denied he will be extradited to the United States to face sentencing for his 1977 conviction for having sex with a 13 year old girl. (NYT)

Angela Merkel will remain Germany’s Chancellor after a landslide election win this weekend. She will be ditching her former coalition partners, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the Social Democrats (SPD), to form a center-right coalition with the Free Democrats (FDP). (France 24)

Getting to know you: Angela Merkel. (Reuters)

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has ordered an end to state censorship ahead of national elections. Sure, dude. (Al Jazeera)

The U.S. Treasury is set to pump ailing state housing agencies with funds to provide mortgages for low-income borrowers through Freddie & Fannie — the nation’s largest home-lending sources — in another effort to widen accessibility to home loans. (Bloomberg)

Poland okays law forcing castration for captured pedophiles. Prime Minister Donald Tusk: the accused are ‘not human.’ What California should have been thinking? (Reuters)

New Yorker speaks with Nobel Prize winning Columbia University Economist Joseph Steiglitz on dollars and cents. (The New Yorker)

When the U.S. Supreme Court opens for Fall next week, it will consider whether life-without-parole for minors who haven’t committed murder counts as cruel and unusual punishment. (Los Angeles Times)



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