Iran says it has a new nuclear enrichment facility. Whoop-dee-doo. (Al Jazeera)

And to be clear, peep the world’s official nuclear powers: U.S., Russia, France, Britain and China. Then there are those other (self?-) declared ones: North Korea, India, Pakistan. Then the stealthily unofficial: Israel, and Iran. (Reuters)

Hamas has been having problems consolidating its power in Gaza since the most recent Israeli Invasion. What does this mean for Palestinians? (Foreign Affairs)

Somali pirates took another ship off the coast of Mogadishu. (BBC)

India’s first lunar mission data uncovers water in moon soils. For shame, NASA. (Bloomberg)

The Economist is not impressed with world leaders at New York’s climate change meeting. (Economist)

Yesterday, Eric Cantor (R-VA) defended his callous treatment of a constituent with a sick relative. I mean, telling her to find a charity or like, “an existing government program” is totally sympathetic or whatever, right? (TPM)

US Ambasador to Russia says the “heavily edited video” of his second secretary with Russian prostitutes is a fake effort to “smear him in the eyes of his contacts.”  The old Russian editing tactic is nothing new… (Moscow Times)

Thanks Hipsters! Brooklyn’s economy is fairing better than the rest of New York City’s. (Crain’s)



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