China proposes the G-20 set up an international wealth fund that would invest a portion of its members’ account surpluses in developing economies. (WSJ)

Bulgaria’s Irina Bokova wins Unesco leadership vote after defeating eight others for the postion, including Egypt Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni . (Al Jazeera)

Al Quaeda threatens terrorist attacks against Germany unless it pulls out of Afghanistan. On Sunday the Germans go to the polls. (BBC)

The recession is forcing senior citizens in the U.S. out of retirement and back to work, according to a new survey. (Reuters)

With the coming 50th anniversary of the Communist victory, China stops issuing foreigners permission to enter Tibet. (NYT)

Australians awoke on Wednesday to red skies, as a dust storm sweeps through the east side of the country. (Times Online)

Today, Conde Nast executives must submit 2010 budgets cut by at least 25%. McKinsey & Co. has been reviewing their practices, with an eye for cost-cutting, since July. (Crain’s)

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is requesting federal disaster aid to cope with flooding in his state. (Georgia Public Broadcasting)

The San Ysidro checkpoint between California and Mexico — the U.S.’s busiest border crossing — closes after smugglers and police engage in a shootout on the border which left four injured. Officials said it’s the first time the crossing has closed since President Kennedy’s 1963 assassination. (Los Angeles Times)



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