The FDIC may tap healthy banks for billions of dollars to restore the depleted fund safeguarding, well, bank deposits. (NYT)

Honduras’ ousted President Zelaya returns home after over two months of exile. (BBC)

Oil trading company Trafigura pays $50 million to 31,000 people in the Ivory Coast over toxic waste settlement — victims agree death & disease has ‘no link’ to waste exposure. (Al Jazeera)

According to the U.S. Census, the number of  immigrant residents in the country declined for the first time in about 40 years, as economic downturn soils the country’s rep as land-of-opportunity for the foreign-born. (WSJ)

China appeals a recent WTO ruling that the state violates its free-trade agreements by requiring its importers to channel foreign publications and audiovisual products — including music sold on the internet — through government-run entities. (Bloomberg)

Busy Japanese couples pay actors to play their friends. (Telegraph)

From Afghanistan, Gen. McChrystal: Certain Pakistani and Iranian spy services aiding the Taliban. (Los Angeles Times)

New species of fish discovered off the coast of Bahia, Brazil. No, you can’t eat it but yes, it looks totally awesome.  (NatGeo)

Scientific advances find new a way to tap into natural gas resources- by extracting it from shale rock. (NPR)

China’s recent influx of aid to African nations — drawn from its pool of foreign currency savings — risks fostering corruption, rather than correction. (NYT)



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