Taking the Law into their Own Hands: Civilian Cops in Recession Cuts

28sheilspan9/8/09 The Wall Street Journal reports on the spike in individuals joining civilian watch groups. While toting a gun and threatening one’s neighbors in the name of justice could seem like a wholesome American pasttime,  we here at Borensics would prefer our “vigil” without a side of “lante.”

Not that this is anything new. In Morris Park, a neighborhood in the Bronx, New York, civilian patrols (pictured) have been monitoring the streets for 30 years.  On 12/26/08 The New York Times did an article covering the row caused by the NYPD’s insistance that the Morris Parker’s take their sheild insignia off of their squad car. The police feared that civilians might be mistaken for law enforcement and attacked by violent criminals. Al D’Angelo, one of the patrollers, made this argument supporting his group’s shield.

“The Vikings had shields, the Romans had shields, the Spartans had shields,” Mr. D’Angelo said. “Superman has a shield on his shirt.”

Oh. Duh.


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