Thursday 8/27/09

Putin denounces US as bully during opening of new pipeline and anniversary of South Ossetia independence. (Moscow Times)

Karzai announces victory, accused of ballot stuffing as votes are counted in Afghanistan’s presidential election.  (Economist)

Corporate donors save the LACMA Film Series from closing.  (ArtInfo)

German artist Daniel Richter stages large Hamburg protest by occupying condemned historic buildings for studio space.  City Culture Senator responds positively to artists, does not address dilapidated state of Hamburg neighborhoods.  (ARTINFO)

Bibi Netenyahu’s Euro tour continues with a stop in Germany, where he and Angela Merkel put their heads together and called for “crippling sanctions” against Iran. (France 24

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei publicly stated that there was no proof that post-election riots were plotted by foreigners. (Al Jazeera)

Engineers propose using artificial trees to soak up global carbon emissions, emphasizing that climate change’s dangerous impact is unavoidable without geo-engineering. (BBC)

Win one for Teddy? Democrats rally around Ted Kennedy’s memory to continue to push health-care reform. (ABC News)

Dominick Dunne dies at 83. Read Vanity Fair’s Dunne archive, which began with his 1984 court coverage of the man who murdered his daughter, and went on to document the lives of iconic public figures and historic crime cases. (Vanity Fair)

Check out this bit about Urban Farming, courtesy of NPR’s WNYC.


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