Wednesday, 8/26/09

Iraqi Shia leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim has died.  al-Hakim was a serious player in Iraqi international politics, ma. (Al Jazeera)

Ted Kennedy: a timeline. (WSJ)

L.A.’s public schools are so bad, the city voted to hand over the worst-performing 250 to outside operators. Pesky teachers union blamed. (Los Angeles Times)

Famine alert for 1.3 million people in southern Sudan.  World Food Programme assisting a la Berlin Airlift, since In June, boats carrying food aid were attacked and sank as conflict continues between Khartoum and former members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.  (Al Jazeera ENG)

Today, the head of the U.N-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur resigns. Bad timing? (Reuters)

POT WATCH: The Argentine Supreme Court has ruled that punishing people for their personal consumption of marijuana is unconstitutional (BBC World)

Oh nos!  Endangered Texas prairie chickens perform yearly mating ritual, interferes with humans and our 11 billion dollars worth of turbines.  Changing America’s power grids is going to be a pain, THANKS A LOT ANIMALS.  (Bloomberg)

Race-swap! Microsoft gets caught replacing a black dude’s head with that of a white dude’s in a software promo-photo that first ran on its U.S. web site, then on its Polish site. Oops. (BBC)

Oh sweet Jesus.  Bush-Cheney torture techniques continue to gross everyone out, disturb. NSFFaint@Heart (Atlantic)  Meanwhile, Cheney continues to be a total creep and Madeline Albright is so over it.

U.S. military helicopter “accidentally” drops 25 boxes of “already tallied” Afghan ballot boxes over the rugged Nuristan mountains. Shady. (Reuters)

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