Alec Baldwin will not run against suddenly virile salty-donut Senator Lieberman. (CNN)
 But Rudy Giuliani may run for Governor of New York in the fall. (NY Daily News)
 Meanwhile, NYC’s current Mayor Bloomberg can’t understand why New Yorkers can’t drink in parks. (NY Post)
Supposedly Karzai has a slim lead in the Afghan Presidential race, but no one hears a fat lady singing yet. (Al Jazeera)
Obama applauds Ben Bernanke’s “courage” as the Fed Chairman is appointed to another term. (Telegraph)
Now opens the inevitable Pandora’s Box: does Bernanke deserve it? Highlights from the opening peanut galleries. (Financial Times) (WSJ)
African nations — which contribute little to global warming-inducing pollution — are seeking $67 billion per year from the developed world, as the continent  will be hit hardest by environmental apocalypse if climate change goes unchecked. (Reuters)
Gordon Brown and Benjamin Netenyahu (Bibi) are talking in London. (France 24)
The White House ups this year’s deficit projection to $1.6 trillion as tax collections weaken. (WaPo)
And, that should bring the 10-year deficit to $9 trillion. (New York Magazine, Daily Intel)
To probe or not to probe? When it comes to the Department of Justice and the CIA, that is the question? (Politico)

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