Jen Stark kicks total ass (Simon Mitchell)

Jen Stark kicks total ass (Simon Mitchell)

Saturday’s helicopter collision over the Hudson River just adds to the proof that the air space is lawless, Wild Wild West style. (NY Times)

Conservatives like Billy Kristol think Jon Stewart is a quality guy to talk to… what are you waiting for Palin? (NY Magazine, Daily Intel)

NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg is going to fight fire(arms) with dollars by fundraising for a national campaign to counter the influence of the NRA. Luckily, he is very connected to a very rich man. (Boston.com)

Bombs have killed at least 40 people across Iraq in continued violence against Shi’ite Muslims. (Washington Post)

American hero John McNamara, an NYC firefighter and 9/11 first responder who also helped Katrina victims, died of cancer on Sunday. (NY Daily News)

Barack Obama, Felipe Calderon, his Mexican counterpart, and Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister are in Guadalajara discussing the impact of the North American illegal drug trade and strategies on how to stop the violence (Al Jazeera)

Pakistan wants DNA evidence that Baitullah Mahsud is dead. (BBC World)

Robert Mugabe is still a dirty son of a bitch, arresting members of the opposition MDC in Zimbabwe (France 24)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer call vicious disturbers at Health-care town halls “un-American”. Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell cries about it. (LA Times)

Apparently PR and Advertising firms are at a cross-roads. Do they throw all their hopes on the internet? (Miami Herald)

Typhoon kills 600 in Taiwan (Yahoo News)


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