The FARC Makes a Monkey out of Ecuador President

Not such good times for the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa who is spending these days denying the legitimacy of a video circulating in media circles. The video shows Víctor Julio Suárez Rojas alias Jorge Briceño alias El Mono Jojoy, a commander in the Colombian Marxist guerilla terror group, the FARC, describing his organization’s financial support of Correa’s 2006 Presidential campaign.

Obviously this is a conspiracy against left-winged governments (duh).

“Let them investigate the stupidity that they showed yesterday [as part as] this campaign that, not just on Ecuadorean-Colombian level, but on a regional level, where there is an onslaught of the right wing and all their instruments and weapons, among them the media, to destabilize the progressive governments.” -Correa

We at Borensics recall the Marc 1st, 2008 Colombian strike on Ecuador that killed Raul Reyes,  another FRAC leader. In this video, El Mono Jojoy also talks about FARC secrets leaked when Reyes’ laptop was seized in the Colombian raid. The emails on the laptop also contain information about FARC support to Correa.

So here’s the video you’ve all been waiting for…

From the Guerilla’s Mouth, The Economist

Farc video is a fake: Ecuador President, Colombia Reports


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