What the F is Going On?!: Healthcare edition


Help us with our healthcare, k? Thanks.

It is hard to tell exactly what is going on with the President’s healthcare reforms, mostly because there are entirely too many people talking about it and the people they’re talking about are “too boring” to remember. So what is going on now?

In the House, negotiations have been made between Blue Dog Democrats and their more liberal colleagues that will allow a vote on the bill in September.

For example: Compramises include raising the threshold of employers to be fined if they did not provide healthcare for their employees to help out small businesses (Thank Congresswoman Nydia Valasquez (D-NY) for that).
In the Senate the bill is getting the serious once-over by the Senate Finance Committee, headed by Republican Senator Max Baucus (MT). Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) claims that this Gang of Six consisting of three Democrats and three Republicans is “making progress by inches” but is making a careful, bipartisan bill.
For example: Grassley and Senator John Kerry (D-MA) are both pushing the idea of capping or ending the tax advantage enjoyed by employer provided healthcare, which would raise up to $250 billion a year as well as taxing the costliest plans provided by health insurance companies. The whole committee supports the idea of an Independent Medicare Advisory Council (IMAC) that would make recommendations to the President twice a year.

Okay, enough un-sexy talk.

The Economist, What now for Obamacare?


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