Artist Mat Benote illegally hung his work in the Guggenheim this weekend (Gothamist)

Get your local news on Youtube.com now! (NY Times)

Major hating in Iran as senior officials shun Supreme Leader’s endorsement of Ahmadinejad (BBC World)

As Microsoft and Google prepare for a gunfight, Yahoo gets the hell out of the search business (NY Times)

NY State is back in the red and Gov. Paterson thinks that getting the whiney politicians there to cut the necessary 2.1 billion will be “impossible”- Mostly because no one likes him. (NY Post)

12 dead, 26 wounded in blasts in West Afghanistan (Al Jazeera)

Former Danish Prime Minster Anders Fogh Rammussen takes over as NATO’s new Secretary General.  (Huff Po & Heritage Foundation)

More mudslinging and email sharing as Palin blames McCain advisors for nasty campaign trail catch phrase. Really, they’re all jerks. (Washington Post)


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