The Shanghai Beat: Banana Monkey

When visiting modern China, a Westerner is exposed to personally shameful cultural exports at every turn:  KFC, 80s haircuts, Starbucks, jellies, ruthless conspicuous consumption, (misspelled) phrase t-shirts – the list goes on and on.  Explore a little though, and the restorative power of  China’s flowering punk and hip-hop scenes eases the guilt – hell, even makes one appreciate the awkward delay in pop culture translation from New York to Shanghai (personal theory:  1.25 year x each hour of time difference.  Meaning currently, The Shang is in 1994.)

Enter Banana Monkey – just like your neighbor’s cute older brother’s garage band you watched rehearse from a Big Wheel.  Except they’re actually good.

Best seen live in a dirty sweaty bar with a Jack & Coke, neat.  Thanks to, you can spare the pricey plane ticket and just drink in front of your computer.  Rage on.


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